The Sample

The New Wendy's Pretzel Burger

Wendy's' new pretzel burger thing is really good.

Collage: Three Yellow Vehicles

Three yellow things on my way to work in as many days.

I'd like to own all of them.

Minecraft Screenshot: My Workstation

This is my workstation in one of my Minecraft worlds.

Collage: Payson Date

Awesome date. Payson 'cause I'd never been. Found Fat Jack's Pizza.

Totally worth it.

Minecraft Screenshot: My Branch Mine

Stuart in a T-Rex-shaped Hat


Picking up Ashtonism at Oakridge when Timpanogos was still a-building.

Kitty at Red Robin

Kitty and 'Murica's bike at Red Robin.

The Markup

Sort of a 'View Source', so you can see what's going on.

Note that the wrapper (that is, element you're running gallerify on) is never removed, preserving any variables, event handlers, etc. that may be associated with it. Any that are on elements inside the target object should be destroyed before gallerifying happens and added again afterward, or else simply added after Gallerify.js does its work.